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organic handcrafted body care products

Stay strong all season

Unearth the splendors of mother nature's finest creations through consciously crafted skincare & wellness products. All products are made with organically grown, homegrown foraged, or exotic ingredients but ALWAYS as organic as possible.

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52 Co Rd 5 #201A, Divide, CO 80814

Monday - Friday 11a.m.-5:30pm

Saturday 11am-3pm

Reiki & Soundbath Healing

Holistic Health & Skincare Consultations

Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care


Lash Extensions

Medispa Esthetician Services

Aromatouch Technique

All Services are By Appointment Only.

We now offer the following services with licensed and insured skincare and wellness professionals:

Seasonal Picks


Artisan Bath Bombs

Our small batch, organic bath bombs are hand formulated with magnesium to soothe sore muscles, exotic nut butters to deeply moisturize, and therapeutic oils to relieve pain and tension-creating an aromatic, invigorating experience while clay and coconut activated charcoal removes unwanted toxins, ridding the body of what no longer serves you. Many varieties are available to order, but we can always put together something special for you – or that person you Love that has a specific desire. We cater to those with allergies or want ONLY what they prefer – all challenges are accepted.

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Best Face Forward Facial Care System

Revitalize your skin, and put your Best Face Forward with this live botanical, plant based facial care system. Each ingredient has been wildcrafted or hand selected with purpose & intention.


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nature based personal care

The plants and minerals that surround us every day have been here since the dawn of our existence. And it's in them where the secrets to healing lie. All of the products made by Nature Mama contain all-natural ingredients that are thoroughly vetted and as locally sourced as possible.

Learn about the "Mama" behind Nature Mama

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Knowledge is Power: What is CBD?

Our most frequently asked question is, “What is CBD?” Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive phytocannabinoid naturally found in cannabis, is one of over 100 cannabinoids that have been discovered, isolated, tested, and proven beneficial.

CBD is one of more than 100 active cannabinoid chemicals in the cannabis plant.

CBD does not produce euphoria or intoxication.

The human body is already equipped with its own cannaboid system: the endocannabinoid system (ECS)

The human body has an intricate endocannabinoid system (ECS) built with receptors throughout the brain, central nervous and circulatory systems as well as the gut, heart, kidneys, spleen, liver, bones, blood vessels, lymph cells and even the reproductive system. CBD is the most abundant cannabinoid accounting for up to 40% of the typical cannabis sativa plant. The last two decades have delivered countless studies showing the benefits of CBD in the limbic system (affecting memory, cognition and psychomotor performance) and the mesolimbic pathway directly relating to pain perception.

800 +

5 Star Reviews

Mariah Madden "I love Nature Mama so much. She has transformed my skin and helped me for years. I love being able to trust my skin care products and see my skin repair. I was recently in a propane explosion and of course, her products saved me! I can’t believe how much better it’s gotten. So thankful for her work!"

Stephanie Johnson- Health Coach "My husband and I are so grateful to Rachel for her help with our various ailments! She has customized skincare products to help us with thyroid imbalance, asthma, and eczema, and we have experienced pronounced relief from all of the above. Rachel holds a wealth of knowledge; she can brainstorm recipes just while in conversation. Her products are of the highest quality and each formulation is thoughtfully derived. On top, she is professional and caring. Regardless If you're shopping in-store or online, I HIGHLY recommend!

Carrie Hargraves "This whipped body butter is truly outstanding! I honestly don't think there is a product out there any better than this one! The quality of Nature Mama Body formulations are really top notch. And the store's owner, Rachel, was so helpful and kind. She answered all my questions and shipped quickly! I look forward to ordering more of her amazing products, so happy to have found this wonderful Etsy shop!"

Ashlyn Hebdon Wow!! This shop is incredible. Amazing products made with LOVE. I love being able to support local and family owned and this is all of those things. Rachel is such a sweet soul with so much wisdom, knowledge, and talent. Truly an honor to support her vision and family and in return receive unique and extraordinary products and items. Can't wait to hang my wreath!"