How to Start Using CBD Products

Recommended Dose is 5-15mg to start, listen to your body and see how it is accepting the medication. Cancer patients and those who are chronically ill tend to take a minimum of 25mg to 50mg dose to get an idea for the pain threshold, but each person processes CBD differently.

You can use CBD oil effectively in two ways; Ingesting and Topical use.

For topical use:
Simply dispense a few drops onto irritations, or dry cracked painful skin and massage in, but as a skincare chemist I offer many topical formulas. If you have severe pain, dispense one dime sized amount into your palm and massage into affected area, ingesting will also facilitate in pain relief.

For Ingesting:
When ingested sublingually (under the tongue) it is important to know you cannot overdose on the oil and it also does not counteract with prescription medications. The proper way to ingest sublingually is to hold the oil under the tongue for 5-10 seconds, then swallow. This will allow quick delivery of all the medicinal properties to the bloodstream and into the body where it needs to go.

The number of cannabinoids can vary depending on the product you select so we recommend starting with as few drops as possible. If you are targeting an ailment or suffer from chronic illness or pain, severe anxiety, seizures-then fill the dropper with the recommended dose.

Remember to listen to your body and see how it's accepting the oil.

You will start to recognize what is working for your body and how to manage your doses from there. Reputable sources strategically use specific strains rich in CBD so they are highly effective for various health benefits and have the ability to be used day or night.

Typically the raw material used provides a clear-headed, alert effect and commonly developed with a CBD:THC ratio of 20:1; making it most effective for both physical and emotional damage. This allows you to be functional and productive.

Please feel free to do your own research on this subject or request more information by contacting us with any questions or concerns you have as it is a top priority of mine to provide exceptional customer service and I want you to be confident in your use of CBD.