Aromatherapy Rollerball

Aromatherapy Rollerball

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Welcome to the world of natural solutions with pure therapeutic grade essential oils. This formula is safe for ALL ages and extremely effective.


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Great gift for yourself, your family or others especially during the beginning of the school year/sick seasons. Make sure when you are using essential oils you make sure they are of the best quality and not doing any harm. Especially to small children. I am a certified aromatherapist and Rieki Master, I use these oils in my practice daily and the results are undeniable.

No need for further dilution just apply to pulse points and rub in to activate. Places like bottoms of your feet, down spine, back of neck, wrists, onto hands-breathe in while cupping them over your nose for relief. Any of those places will provide an immunity boost or shorten the depth of a sickness significantly !!!!

This rollerball is above average not only because of the ingredients, but because I also upcycle a 15ml essential oil bottle as my packaging! These bottles are incredibly sturdy. Traditional rollerballs are 10ml and are very susceptible to breaking and/or faulty rollerball tops.

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Allergy Blend, Sleeping Beauty, Focus Blend, Migraine & Tension, Flu Bomb, Anxiety Support, Fertility Support, Custom Blend, Therapeutic, Spot Treatment, Lactation support

1 review for Aromatherapy Rollerball

  1. Crystal (verified owner)

    I absolutely love my customized roller ball that Rachel formulated for me.. I use it every day ❤️

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