Artisan Geode Bath Bombs

Artisan Geode Bath Bombs

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Escape to a new dimension of relaxation with your own set of Artisan Geode Bath Bombs. Made exclusively with the finest organic ingredients these bath bombs provide a wonderful fizz.

  • Each 4 oz. bath bomb contains 150mg herbal infusion

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Most bath bombs contain polysorbate 80 which is a chemical I am not comfortable with using as a known neurotoxin. Nature Mama is all about using organic and natural ingredients. So in place of poly 80, for safety and to avoid staining the tub, I use red castor oil. The best part is the bath bombs still have plenty of foam and fizz with these all natural ingredients so I also omit the SLS or SLSa foaming agent a lot of other artists use as well.


Pure baking soda, kaolin and bentonite clay, non GMO citric acid, coconut milk powder, cream of tartar, activated coconut charcoal, Irish sea moss powder, unrefined coconut oil, mango & kokum butter, plant-derived colorant or lead free mica, 24kt gold dust, Reiki Infused Energy Water, red castor oil, dead sea mineral salts, magnesium flakes, herbal infusion available

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Individual or 3 Pack

Individual, 3 Pack

1 review for Artisan Geode Bath Bombs

  1. Chianne

    We use these not only do they look and smell amazing they leave you feeling amazing.. I use these for an over all relaxation, and to help rid the kiddos of any unwanted environmental yuck!!! I highly recommend grabbing these and keeping them on hand! They geods look so real and besides the product Rachel is second to none with her amazing wealth of knowledge in the area of all things natural and oily!! She’s my go-to gal and I will always shop her line, for myself and my family!

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