Ayudevic Face Mask

Ayudevic Face Mask


Enter a cleopatra-like feeling when you inhale the aroma of ancient essential oils like frankincense and myrrh along with detoxifying and fortifying clays.

I am a certified clinical aromatherapist and skincare chemist so I am highly trained in using the correct concoctions for each skin care need

I also offer a facial care system for a significant bundle discount, please message me to learn more !

If you would like a custom scent please let me know

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As of August 29, 2021, the USPS increased postage rates which has caused us to slightly raise the shipping costs. In addition, as of October 1st, 2021, the USPS stated there will be a slight slowdown in delivery times for many shipping methods. Nature Mama Bodycare is doing our best to control both the price increase and deliver slowdown and appreciate your understanding. For more information about this postage, increase go to USPS's FAQ page.


Every one of our products is formulated to celebrate seasonal ingredients.
We have unlimited options for face masks we create for Estheticians and wanted to share them with you! They range in consistency from gels, creams, and exfoliants.
You can either check out our tried and true infused mud mask, OR you can order our seasonal face mask of the month!
December – Sugarplum Face Mask
January – Winter Wonder
February – Vanilla Rose

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Type of Mask

2oz Infused Mud Mask, 2oz Seasonal Mask of the Month


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