Deluxe Body Wash/Whipped Body Butter Kit

Deluxe Body Wash/Whipped Body Butter Kit

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Vanilla Sunshine Organic Body Wash:

This body wash was handcrafted with the ability to be everything your skin needs no matter what time of year it is. It is infused with organic raw, unfiltered LOCAL Florida honey and Wild Orange essential oils to provide a nourishing uplifting shower, leaving you moisturized and ready to start your day! All organic ingredients and essential oils give tremendous benefits to your body and mind!

Herb & Chill Whipped Body Butter:

This amazing formulation is like a tall glass of water for your skin! The rosemary mixed with serenity blend essential oils along with top of the line carrier oils and butters make this concoction smell good enough to eat!!! The organic arrowroot powder in it provides sustainability to the butter no matter what temperature its in, as well as cutting the greasiness of most butter on the market. You would allow the butter to set after rubbing it in small circles into your skin and watch as it absorbs quickly leaving you feeling hydrated and smelling phenomenal! This item is sold in a double walled low profile container to help protect the oils for a longer period of time. Reusable too!

Sellers Note:
For maximum benefits of infused oils, take care to store these products in a cool dark place when not in use. A bathroom cabinet for instance. Not necessary, but definitely recommended.


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Body Wash

Deluxe Body Wash, Whipped Body Butter Kit, Orange & Spearmint Castile

1 review for Deluxe Body Wash/Whipped Body Butter Kit

  1. Kimberly Seibert (verified owner)

    This product is absolutely amazing! My skin feels fabulous after using. Shower and apply… keeping my routine simple!

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