Zinc Cream

Zinc Cream


Did you encounter negative effects from highly potent prescription steroid creams, leading to reactions caused by topical steroid withdrawal (TSW)? Once in the past, before I embarked on my journey as a skincare chemist, I personally went through this ordeal. Facing this issue with both my own skin and my son’s delicate skin, and realizing its prevalence among others, I took it upon myself to devise a remedy.

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Have you had a bad experience with extremely strong prescription steroid creams that have resulted in reactions due to TSW (topical steroid withdrawal)? Once upon a time, years before I became a skincare chemist- this was me. Between me and my son’s sensitive skin – and hearing how common this problem was with others, I created a solution.

This product has been formulated to soothe and provide relief for skin Irritations of all kinds. You can also apply this cream to bug bites, wasp and bee stings, OR wounds to draw out stingers or bacteria and prevent infection. Clients who have shown success with this product suffer from the following: eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, cracks and breaks in the skin, bug bites, and stings.


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4.6g face stick, 2oz travel stick, 4oz body stick, 2oz glass jar, 4oz glass jar


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