Choose Joy Book & Bath Bomb Collection

Choose Joy Book & Bath Bomb Collection


Immerse yourself in the ultimate self-care routine that includes the “Choose Joy” Book, that is an AUTHENTIC collection of 22 wonderful women and their stories, along with a collection of 6 bath bombs!

Cozy up in a warm bath, adorned with our calming and detoxifying artisan bath bombs, while diving into this good read that can be “impossible to put down.”
This collaboration between Rachelle & Rachel is renewing, relaxing, and exactly what you need for the perfect weekday or weekend activity to show yourself some love.

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The Meaning Behind it all…… Six years ago, I was introduced to the extraordinary healing benefits of CBD. Since then, I have had the privilege of assisting hundreds of people in discovering the incredible ways this plant can support them. Whether it’s providing relief from pain, reducing anxiety, or improving overall well-being, CBD has proven to be a powerful nutritional supplement that continues to transform lives.

Why bath bombs?

One of the ways to get CBD into your body is through your largest organ, your skin. By immersing yourself in a CBD-infused bath, you can reap numerous mental and physical benefits. Not only does CBD have anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties that promote a restful night’s sleep, but it also aids in relieving muscle soreness, tension, and various skin conditions. Bathing in CBD is a calming ritual, which can be a delightful habit to cultivate if you take pleasure in it.

When I founded my business, This is Me and CBD, I did so with a strong conviction that everyone has a unique story about their mental and physical health journey. I believe CBD, a fantastic nutritional supplement derived from the hemp plant, can be crucial in improving that journey. Hemp was once a staple part of our diet. Today, we can go back to the basics and incorporate this plant-based supplement into our daily lives.

Why Did I Choose to Partner with Nature Mama?

First, Rachel takes great pride in her craftsmanship, ensuring that each product is carefully and thoughtfully created to the highest standards. Second, she uses only the best quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers who share her values. This means you can trust that each product is made with care and attention to detail, using only natural and wholesome ingredients.

But that’s not all. What really makes Nature Mama stand out is their collaborative approach. Rachel works with other like-minded entrepreneurs who share the vision of creating natural, ethical, and sustainable products. This means that by choosing Nature Mama, you’re supporting not just one business but a whole community of people who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

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Ingredients: Pure baking soda, kaolin, and bentonite clay, non-GMO citric acid, coconut milk powder *unless states Goats milk powder*, cream of tartar, activated coconut charcoal, Irish sea moss powder, unrefined coconut oil, mango & kokum butter, plant-derived colorant or lead-free mica, 24kt gold dust, Reiki Infused Energy Water, red castor oil, dead sea mineral salts, magnesium flakes, GF Organic Sprouted Oats, 25-50mg Herbal infusion Per Bath Bomb, therapeutic grade essential oils.

2oz is Collection of 6 is 150mg total

4oz Collection of 6 is 300mg total 

This collection consists of a variety pack of the following 6 scents/styles :
Floral: Magnolia Bliss
Circle: Oats & Goats
Cocoa Butter Drizzle: Frankincense & Vetiver
Unscented: Natural Bomb Aroma
Heart: Rose & Geranium
Floral: Warm Citrus

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Book & Bath Bomb Collection Options

Choose Joy Book, 2oz 6 pack & Book, 4oz 6 pack & Book, 2oz Collection of 6 Bath Bombs, 4oz Collection of 6 Bath Bombs


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